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Feb 1, 2024
Nov 15, 2023
Antonovics, Janis, 2023, "Datasets used in: Fern family clade age and fungal pathogen diversity.", https://doi.org/10.18130/V3/JGOC2P, University of Virginia Dataverse, V1
These are the datasets I used in the analyses for Antonovics, J. “Fern family clade age and fungal pathogen diversity” pubished in American Fern Journal 113(3), 137-169, 29 September 2023, https://doi.org/10.1640/0002-8444-113.3.137. See the original paper for further details of...
Sep 8, 2020
Antonovics, Janis, 2020, "Letter from Lydia Becker to Miles Berkeley 27 June 1870", https://doi.org/10.18130/V3/JF0XXK, University of Virginia Dataverse, V1
This is a PDF of a scan of a letter from Lydia Becker (1827-1890) to Rev. Miles Joseph Berkeley (1803-1889) written on 27 June 1870. This letter is mentioned in footnote 12 of Antonovics J, Gibby M, and Hood ME. 2020. John Leigh, Lydia Becker and their shared botanical interests....
Sep 7, 2020
Antonovics, Janis, 2020, "John Leigh (1812-1888) Herbarium listing", https://doi.org/10.18130/V3/N6ODLJ, University of Virginia Dataverse, V1
This is a copy of John Leigh's listing (in his own hand) of the contents of his herbarium. John Leigh (1812) was the first Medical Officer for Health in Manchester and corresponded with Lydia Becker (1827-1890). This herbarium listing is mentioned in Antonovics J, Gibby M, Hood,...
Mar 16, 2016
Wilbur, Henry; Church, Don; Bailey, Larissa; Hines, James; Kendall, Bill, 2016, "Ambystoma tigrinum data Church et al 2007", https://doi.org/10.18130/V3/2IVQ9Z, University of Virginia Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:aKN0uWeNB/TAz+eIv7k9JQ== [fileUNF]
These data are individual capture histories of tiger salamanders captured during a five year study of population dynamics and movements between elements of a metapopulation in Augusta County, Virginia. These data are the foundation of a publication by Don Church et al in ECOLOGY...
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